Reiki Crystal Products Feng Shui Elephant Head Evil Eye Car & Door/Office Hanging for Good Luck and Prosperity

Reiki Crystal Products Feng Shui Elephant Head Evil Eye Car & Door/Office Hanging for Good Luck and Prosperity


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Evil eyeEvil eye

Reiki Crystal Products Hanging 3 Three Horse Evil Eye for Car & Door/Office Hanging Good Luck and Prosperity (Color : Silver & Blue), Metal

Hanging 3/Three Evil Eye is a Feng Shui Charm for confirmationThree Horse Evil Eye Hanging can be hanged in homes, shops, and vehicles Balancing the hostile stare with ponies outside the house disperses negative energies This is additionally used to accelerate the impeded undertakings and tasks ( * Color might differ because of visual impacts. * Keep it away from synthetic substances. * Texture and weight might fluctuate from the photo. * The data gave depends on individual experience, it might not have similar impact for all clients. * No recuperating impact can be ensured. Unintentional utilization of it won’t be our obligation.)

Three Horse Evil EyeThree Horse Evil Eye

Draping the stink eye with ponies outside the house scatters negative energies. This is additionally used to accelerate the impeded errands and tasks. Stink eye shields you from “Misfortune” which converts into malevolence or damage wanted for you from other people who are desirous of your success, bliss, and development.


Protection from negetive energyProtection from negetive energy


About Evil eye

The hostile stare, regularly known as a ‘Nazar is a special necklace accepted to ensure people against the ‘stink eye. ‘ History has it that in case somebody is given an ‘stink eye’ look by an adversary or enemy, it very well may be sufficient to be lethal or bring them extraordinary damage and despondency.

What is evil eye

Plates or balls, comprising of concentric blue and white circles (normally, from inside to outside, dull blue, light blue, white, and dim blue) addressing a stink eye are normal apotropaic charms in West Asia, found on the heads of Mediterranean boats and elsewhere; in particular kinds of the legends, the looking eyes …


The hostile stare is a revile accepted to be projected by a malignant glare, generally given to an individual when they are uninformed. Many societies accept that getting a stink eye will cause adversity or injury. Charms made to ensure against the stink eye are additionally oftentimes called “hostile stares”.



Blue Evil Eye For Karma…………… Fate………… Protection……….. Calm …………. Relaxation……… Open flow of communication…..

Evil Eye Type Explain

You can track down the different stink eye shading implications here; Orange Evil eye: Happiness and security; Motivation for responsibility; Increase inventiveness and energy. Dull Blue Evil eye: Karma and destiny affirmation; Calm and unwinding; Open progression of correspondence.

Blue Evil Eye .

The Nazar Boncuk appeal (or Turkish Eye Bead) is an “eye”, frequently set on a blue foundation. It gazes back at the world to avert the stink eye and guard you from hurt. From that point forward individuals have been connecting this Turkish stink eye dot to all that they wished to shield from the hostile stares.

The Evil Eye Hanging can be hanged in homes, shops and cars
Hanging the evil eye outside the house dispels negative energies
This is also used to speed up the blocked tasks and assignments
Color : Blue & Silver Height : 20 cm Width : 6 cm Weight : 85 Gram (Approx)

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